Kitchen Kabinet

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Kitchen Kabinet

The practicality of the kitchen kabinet has come a long way from the early days of the settlers in America. They did not have cabinets back then. What they had were larders, pantries, pie chests, breakfronts, ice chests and other individual keepers of foods and breads. Since most of the houses were built either of logs or rough woods cabinets, even if they were available, would not be able to be hung properly to accommodate what was needed with which to make or serve a meal. It was not until homes had more level walls with lathe and plaster that cabinets became popular. Then and now kitchen cabinet plans are needed to do a proper and safe job of installing the cabinets.

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Cabinets saw their advent in the early Twentieth century. The carpenter that made the early cabinets generally made them in his own design and was then declared to be a master craftsman. This craftsman built the very best using woods such as cherry, pine, maple, oak and birch and used kitchen cabinet plans that would help to create aesthetically beautiful kitchens for that time. Unlike today’s cabinets that are made of pressed boards and lesser grade wood. However, whether traditional or modern it is still advisable to use accurate cabinet plans to design, make and install your cabinets. The plans are needed whether you do it yourself of hire someone to do it for you.

Good kitchen cabinet plans will show where the cabinet will be installed, what kind of wood will be used and whether the area is damp or dry, The plan should be well calculated to be sure the cabinet will fit the area it is designed for and most of all, what will the cost be. If you are a handyman you can build a cabinet as it is only a box with a door and hinges. But it should be carefully calculated and safely installed. Kitchen cabinet plans are what maps are to the tourist, a route to a goal.

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Kitchen Kabinet